Why Rent Furniture From Matador Furniture Rental: Whether you are on temporary assignment,
relocating or experiencing another interim need, you will find the right furniture and accessories to
furnish your home.

Is there a discount for a longer lease?

Yes. The longer the initial lease term, the larger the monthly discount.

How does your rental work?

You select your furniture package, complete a credit application, provide proof of identification, sign
a lease and pay your first month’s rent. Pending credit approval, Matador can deliver and set up your
furniture within 2-3 business days.

How fast can you deliver?

Pending credit approval, Matador can deliver in as few as 2-3 business days.

What does your initial distribution fee include?

Matador distribution fee includes delivery, setup, final pickup and one additional trip fee if needed
within the first week following original delivery.

Can furniture be delivered before I arrive?

Yes. If you give us authorization to enter your home, we can have your furniture set up before you

How much do you charge to furnish a one-bedroom apartment?

The monthly rate depends upon the number of bedrooms you furnish, the length of lease and the
package you choose. Once those choices have been made, provide your contact information and submit
your request. A Matador Account Representative will contact you to provide a quote or to complete the
rental process.

Explain the “Customer Protection” program?

Our Customer Protection program covers you from damage or loss from fire, flood tornadoes and
earthquakes. The customer protection program does not cover damages or loss caused by theft,
disappearance, gross negligence, misuse or abuse (including damage by cigar or cigarette burns and

Can I break my lease?

You are signing a contract that commits you for the length of your lease.

When my lease expires, do you automatically pick up my furniture?

No. Matador Furniture Rental understands that circumstances change. Our contracts continue month-
to-month until you give notice and schedule your pickup. You must give a 10-day written notice to have
furniture picked up.

Can I charge the payment on my credit card every month?

Yes. Matador accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Will I receive the exact style of furniture that I select?

We can’t guarantee you will receive the exact style, color, or BRAND NEW. We do guarantee that
furniture will be showroom quality.

Where do I send my payments?

Matador Furniture Rental
5815 64th Street
Lubbock, TX 79424

What is Staging?

Staging is the detailed preparation of a house to be sold. Staging homes tend to sell much faster and often for substantially higher prices than comparable homes that have not been similarly prepared for sale. A typical home staging includes updated furnishings for three rooms, redecorating the remaining living spaces and a dedicated effort to de-clutter the entire home.