A rapidly growing startup company is something most entrepreneurs dream of. But when startup growth comes too quickly, it can create headaches and challenges for owners. Even though you need more space, you may not be able to relocate immediately due to leasing obligations or available cash flow.
The good news is that it doesn’t always make a big move. Sometimes small changes can make all the difference in how well your space meets your needs. Changing or tweaking your office layout design can give you flexibility.
A flexible office layout is a great way for any business to make the best use of space as its needs change. Large desks can be confining and limiting, so think sleek and moveable as you’re furnishing your space. And, while you’re at it, here are five more ways to make the most of your office design.

Tear Down Those Walls

An open office layout accomplishes several things; it fosters communication and camaraderie, and it also has been shown to improve employee satisfaction. Creating an open, loft-like environment has a contemporary feel. Just make sure you pay attention to the kind of lighting you’re providing and creating spaces that suit the type of work that’s being done.

Share Your Spaces

Having your own desk used to be the norm, but a new norm favors unassigned seating. Instead of a desk, employees store their personal belongings in a locker and choose the desk that suits them that day. This can be a great way to allow teams to huddle together on projects instead of having to use a conference room.

Just Add Wheels

Fixed furniture limits what you can do with it; add some wheels, and now your chairs, desks, and tables become more functional. It is better to have the mobile and more used than to have them fixed in one spot.

Keep It Clean

Both at work and at home, a clutter-free space makes it feel larger. Implement a clean desk policy to encourage limited amounts of clutter. And then provide employees with storage options to help maintain that policy. The bonus? It also helps improve productivity.

Imagine Remote Possibilities

More and more companies allow for employees to work from home, and if space is an issue, having remote workers can be an effective solution. In addition to opening up space at the office, work-from-home programs are effective in cutting down on sick days and work absences, increase job satisfaction and lead to longer employee retention.

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