Designing a creative space in your apartment takes a special blend of big ideas and smart furnishings. To get started, envision what you want. Jennifer Kennedy, the certified kitchen designer behind Kitchens by Kennedy, has been honing her interior design chops for 22 years. She suggests “the bottom line for every project is creating a space that functions well for the individual — one that fits a particular lifestyle and needs.”
Don’t be afraid to dream big and adjust to the space you have. Apartment furniture rental packages provide flexible, convenient solutions for every space throughout your home, including that new creative space you’re dreaming of putting together.

Create a List of Wants and Needs

If you have unlimited space and funds, you could stock your home with everything you want, but that’s rarely the case. If you’re trying to take a more creative route, you need to prioritize. Kennedy notes, “My first questions for any new clients all focus on what their lives are like. Do they cook a lot? Entertain?”
You should ask yourself the same kinds of questions to create an apartment that meets your needs and lifestyle. For example, if you entertain often, you might prioritize a great dining table or comfy seating. If you work from your apartment, you might need to start by creating a great home office. Once you have everything you need, you can start adding the luxuries you simply want.

Define Your Space

Once you have a feel for what your space needs, it’s time to start planning ways to make your vision come to life. When you live in a small apartment, it can be challenging to fit everything in. Using apartment furnishing rentals like bookshelves, privacy screens, rugs, and large pieces like sofas and tables helps define different spaces within the apartment, even if you’re just furnishing a creative space inside a ­single room.

Get Organized

There are two schools of thought on how clutter affects creativity. On one hand, many people believe it fuels brilliant ideas. On the other, some believe it can impede productivity. Whatever side of the debate you fall on, organization still has a role to play in your home. When you utilize an apartment furnishing service like Matador Furniture Rental, don’t forget key organizational items such as bookshelves, side tables, and bathroom accessories. These furniture pieces help you avoid the clutter that can make your space look smaller and more cramped.


“How you lay out and organize your space is vital, especially when you’re working in smaller spaces,” says Kennedy. She suggests making every inch count to get the most out of your space. “I recommend end tables that have drawers or cabinets, otto­­­mans that also have storage or sitting space. Utilize a computer desk area that can be closed off to hide your home office and double as a beautiful armoire in the evening.”

Size It Right

Measure each area, and choose pieces scaled to the right size for space planning that really works. This is one area where apartment furniture rentals really shine, because you can find flexible options to fit any floor plan.

Don’t Overlook the Walls

Furniture isn’t the only way to make your home look perfectly put together. Your walls offer a lot of options to infuse each space with style and panache. For example, an oversized painting defines a small space by providing a focal point, while gallery walls add color and personality. Apartment furnishings include options for artwork, mirrors, and other wall décor to help you create a big impact in small spaces.

Use Color Strategically

Did you know the colors you use in your room can directly impact your mood and mindset? Add colorful accent pieces, throw pillows, and artwork to give each room in your apartment its own color scheme.
Sally Augustin, a design psychologist at Design with Science, says, “Environmental psychology research supports adding a few green leafy plants and painting an area green for more creative thinking.” While pops of green might spark creativity in your workspace, other colors to consider include:

  • Red to excite the appetite in the kitchen or dining area
  • Pink to add calm energy to your home office
  • Orange to add excitement to the living area
  • Learn more about how to rent furniture for an apartment and search for flexible solutions that can help you create the creative space you’ve always wanted.

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