Congratulations! You’ve achieved what every business owner dreams of — company expansion. Although exciting, it’s hard to focus on growing your business when you have limited space. Fortunately, with a little planning and implementation, you can maximize your workspace for optimal productivity until you’re ready to relocate.

Start With Deep Cleaning the Office

Before you get heavily involved in office space planning, start with a deep cleaning. Shred unnecessary papers and documents, clear desks of clutter, organize your supply closet, and store files digitally. After a good cleaning, you have a clearer picture of how to better organize your workspace to accommodate company growth.

Consider an Open Design

Do you have separate offices or a rarely used conference room or reception area? Now that your company is expanding, you may want to try an open design. Opening up your office space allows for a variety of configurations where employees can share work areas, and incorporating desks, tables, and cabinets on wheels offers easy reorganization when needed.

Reduce In-Office Staff

According to Global Workplace Analytics, over two-thirds of business owners report better productivity among employees who work remotely as compared to those who work in the office. Considering 36 percent of employees would choose the chance to telework over a pay raise, it might be wise to reduce your in-office staff if you can. This decision could boost worker satisfaction and make more room for your expanding business at the same time.

Streamline Furniture

One of the best ways to maximize space is through your furnishings. Swap bulky desks for multi-worker tables and big leather chairs for sleek mesh versions. Organize your office up, not out, with slim vertical shelves and cabinets. And consider creating office zones for individual work and collaborative work. Trade small dining tables in your break room. For one large conference table, and have this area do double duty as a meeting space.

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