Student housing is changing. While older generations may have expected just a bed, dresser, and desk to come with a dorm room, students today expect a little more. More colleges and universities are designing student housing with comfort and privacy in mind and with a larger mix of room types available.
But even though room variety is increasing, it doesn‘t change the fact that you’re going to have to fit a lot of essentials into a relatively small space, which is typically the case whether you opt for student housing or get your own apartment to share with roommates. This lack of space can create one major problem — a lack of organization in your dorm.

When packing for school, you want to make sure to include personal supplies, school supplies, dorm décor, and comfort items. The question then quickly becomes this: How can you keep your dorm room looking its best without sacrificing all the odds-and-ends you like to have on hand? Knowing how to organize your dorm room is important for other reasons too. For example, clutter can actually affect your brain, distracting you from your studies and causing unnecessary stress.
Nobody needs that. Fortunately, Matador Furniture has gathered some of the best tips for seamlessly organizing your dorm room. These tips can help you whip your space into shape and keep it looking tidy and stylish so you can live your best life at school.

Climb the Walls

The open space on your walls is good for more than just hanging artwork and photos. Take your organization vertical to keep your dorm looking its best.

  • Removable hooks on the wall to keep headphones, umbrellas, and keys within reach
  • Corkboards and strips to hang important papers, reminders, and photos using clips and push pins
  • Shelves above the bed for books, accessories, and string lights for added atmosphere
  • Baskets and cubbies using a gallery pattern on walls for a funky look

Stack It Up

Another way to go vertical, stacking items lets you double up on your organizational power without sacrificing extra square footage.

  • Desk hutch or shallow shelves on your desk to store extra supplies while leaving room to work
  • Shallow shelves on your bureau or chest of drawers for personal items and accessories
  • Microwave, mini-fridge, or coffee maker on top of a crate or cart with drawers or shelves

Stash It Under the Bed

Whether you prop your bed on risers or loft it, under-bed storage is perfect for seasonal clothing, linens, and other odds-and-ends you don’t use every day.

  • Bins and storage items on wheels for easy access
  • Storage bins, trunks, and drawers to contain and organize items under the bed
  • Dresser, bookcase, and rolling caddy under a lofted bed to free up square footage

Use Doors for Hidden Storage

The backs of cabinet and closet doors are the perfect spot to stow items you’d rather keep out of sight.

  • Kitchen area: Use the inside of cupboard doors as a makeshift pantry or for cleaning supplies.
  • Bathroom: Hang small shelves and caddies inside vanity doors for makeup, personal supplies, and styling tools.
  • Closet: Hang a shoe rack or hooks for your laundry bag, shoes, or robe.
  • Bedroom door: Hang a hook or rack for your coat or backpack.

Expand Your Space

Small spaces demand creative ideas to maximize every square inch available.

  • A tension rod in an odd nook for added hanging space
  • Hanging shelves in the closet to store a lot of stuff in a little space
  • A mattress caddy for essentials

Repurpose Everyday Items

You don’t always need to head to the store to get your room organized. Some ordinary things you already have on hand can get the job done in a fresh way.

  • Binder clips to keep cords tidy
  • File dividers as handy plate organizers in a kitchenette
  • Ice cube trays as savvy jewelry storage (easy to tuck in drawers)

For more tips and tricks like these, feel free to keep exploring the Matador Furniture blog!