Student housing is changing. While older generations may have expected just a bed, dresser, and desk to come with a dorm room, students today expect a little more. More colleges and universities are designing student housing with comfort and privacy in mind and with a larger mix of room types
A rapidly growing startup company is something most entrepreneurs dream of. But when startup growth comes too quickly, it can create headaches and challenges for owners. Even though you need more space, you may not be able to relocate immediately due to leasing obligations or available cash flow. The good
Maximizing Dorm Space Living in a dorm room tests your space-saving and sharing skills like nothing else. One small room serves as a bedroom, study, living room, and kitchenette for you and maybe another person. That’s close quarters. For roommate harmony and to simply have space to walk around, you
There’s no doubt about it — college is expensive. If you’re living off-campus and looking to ease some of your financial burdens, you may decide to look for a roommate to help split living expenses. Roommates usually financial sense, but living with the wrong person can cause a lot of
After winter fades away, you move on to your spring (or maybe even summer) wardrobe. That raises the question of how to store winter clothes until you need them again next winter. While there are many options for storing winter clothes, not every solution is right for every person. If